Airplane crashes are not as deadly as their exhaust fumes




Asiana Airline’s Boeing 777 formally known as Seoul Airlines suffered a fatal crash as it landed at San Francisco airport. It resulted in 2 deaths, both Chinese teenagers coming to America for a summer camp.

The Pilot flying the plane was a veteran with over 10,000 hours of flight experience, however it was his first time flying a Boeing 777. The main cause of the crash was the inaccuracy of speed when landing.  This caused the tail of the plane to land first eventually resulting in the bursting of flames.

This devastating crash has left all other 305 out of 307 passengers in shock and several injured. However it has now been found that the main causes of deaths in planes may not only be resulted to the crash itself. The exhaust fumes play a large role in the death toll of passengers.

A tenth in the death toll is caused by airplane pollution. Airplane exhaust is similar to car exhaust which too has harmful substances within its composition. These particulates are driven by prevailing winds as they are expelled from the aircraft. Humans breathe them in as they reach sea level which can result to cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer according to the UN’s World Health Organization. Planes that cruise at altitude within the troposphere lead to 8000 deaths a year and airplanes taking off and landing leads to 2000 deaths a year.

Steven Barrett, an aeronautical engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, highly recommends regulators taking action immediately as air pollution alone already contributes to millions of deaths a year.

He believes that Sulfur in jet fuel, which is the main killer, can be reduced with additional costs.

These facts have now opened doors for scientists to find new ways to reduce the statistics in order to cut down the death toll now making airplane pollution an important focus for environmental regulations.


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