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Aliti Environment wants to spread the word by sharing Climate Reality’s aim of creating solutions and answers to OUR climate problems. We too want a more prosperous future for our planet for the beings and organisms that live upon it.

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100 Bird Species to be Endangered


The Little Dodo too is an endangered species

It is said that 100 birds on this planet are on the brink of extinction.

The main causes as because their habitats are being degraded, they are being hunted and forests are undergoing deforestation by us humans. 

Today there are many ways to prevent endangered species from undergoing extinction. Simply by increasing their population. However, it is clearly easier said than done.

Several countries like Nairobi and America have created national parks, nature reserves or wilderness areas to help prevent the extinction of animals such as the Chagos Marine Protected Area in the Indian Ocean. It is one of the largest Marine reserves on the planet.

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Unfortunately, not all animals can be maintained. National parks too experience negative factors which can affect their aim of conserving the life of animals within its perimeters. Factors such as water issues and a more natural cause, climate change.


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Another common way of preventing the extinction of animals is to make them populate. There are a large number of breeding programs around the world that ensure the increasing number within a species population. The Australian Zoo focuses on breeding a number of animals such as the Asian Small-clawed Otter and the Black Cockatoo.

Other methods include:

  • Habitat protection and conservation
  • Ensuring there are sufficient numbers to keep a broad gene pool
  • Keeping them on isolated islands without any predators
  • Prevention of disease within the same species


 Top 10 Birds in danger of extinction

 1. Giant Ibis – There are only 200 of Cambodia’s national bird left and they’re losing numbers.

2. New Caledonian Owlet-nightjar – There may not even be 50 of this rare bird, last sighted over 15 years ago.

3. Californian Condor – There are fewer than 500 of this iconic vulture.

4. Kakapo- Although there are only 125 of this charming creature, its numbers are growing thanks to conservation efforts.

5. Kagu – There are a couple of thousand of this bird, native to the island of New Caledonia, but it is flightless and vulnerable to predators.

6. Bengal Florican – There may still be around 1000 Floricans, but the south Asian bird is dying out fast.

7. Forest Owlet – There are as few as 50 of this Indian owl following the destruction of its habitat. It was thought already extinct for over a hundred years before its rediscovery in 1997.

8. Philippine Eagle – There are only two hundred left of this majestic bird of prey.

9. Christmas Island Frigate – This east Asian bird is under serious threat from the introduction of yellow crazy ants.

10. Sumatran Ground-cuckoo – There may be as few as 70 left of this Indonesian bird.






Living Wall in London Revealed



London’s largest wall is an environmental benefactor. It is 21m with 10,000 plants. London hopes for the wall to reduce surface flooding potentially able to contain 10,000 litres of water.



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$75 Million Invested in Energy Projects in Australia



$75 million was invested by Australia’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation [CEFC] to help rising projects produce waste coal gas & landfill gas to turn in to electricity & generate remote hybrid renewable projects.

The CEFC purposefully have a $10 billion fund of which is to be invested in clean energy projects.





LOCAL HERO: The First School in the UAE to Achieve Renewable Energy



Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Bangledish Islamiya Private School in Abu Dhabi, is the first educational institution in the UAE to follow the path of sustainability by installing solar panels and by meeting energy needs.
The prestigious Zayed Future Energy Prize was awarded to the school. The award was given by MASDAR with an additional prize of $100,000 [367,000 AED].
1. All lights and fans in the school are now powered by 48 solar panels.
2. 700 tube lights and bulbs were replaced by LED lights.
3. 3 bins have been placed in every classroom to encourage students and others to recycle
4. Plastic bottles are not allowed on campus
The solar panels are installed by Mulk Renewable Energy.  They can produce 60KwH daily and can meet 30% of the schools needs. Mr. Anisul Hasan, principle of the school, stated that this is just the first phase.
Dr. Anita Saul and Rekha Tushar are teachers in charge of transforming the school in to a green zone. A futuristic mission has been initiated where the school plans to install solar batteries for the storage of solar energy. They also intend on installing Arabian style wind towers for passive cooling.
Principal Hasan concluded saying, “We want to encourage our children to protect and preserve our environment. It is a culture they should imbibe and spread to the rest of the world as envisioned by our visionary leader Shaikh Zayed.”
Being the first institution in the UAE to follow-up their mission by going green with sustainable energy, creates a clear path behind them for other educational institution to follow with majority of the students wanting to take up sustainability and energy as their future course of study.


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Strange Animals Uncovered


Do you know what animal this is?


or this?


or this one?


These extraordinary animals are marine animals. A 10-year mission discovery conducted by several institutions have uncovered the looks of vampire squids, to the Dumbo octopus with flying ears.

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