Strange Animals Uncovered


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These extraordinary animals are marine animals. A 10-year mission discovery conducted by several institutions have uncovered the looks of vampire squids, to the Dumbo octopus with flying ears.

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Discoveries of a Lifetime: Heracleion


Remainders of the sunken city

4 miles [6.5 kilometers] off the western coastline of Aboukir Bay, Egypt, an underwater archaeologist Dr. Franck Goddio along with his IEASM team has made a major discovery. A lost city, once a port called Heracleion.

Statues, coins, jewelry as well as architectural remains were found. 64 ships dating back to the 8th and 2nd century BCE were found beneath the clay and sea bed. It was said to have been submerged by large waves enabled by a combination of sea levels and collapsing sediment.


This excavation only enlarges the hopes of both Dr. Goddio and his team. The city was founded in the 8th century BCE and sunk in the 8th century CE and Goodio hopes to have this research continue for the next 200 years unfolding the mysteries of the sunken city.

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Adapting to extreme weather

'A musher corrals his sled dogs on the Inland Ice Cap in Greenland.' - Photograph by Robert E. Peary, National Geographic

‘A musher corrals his sled dogs on the Inland Ice Cap in Greenland.’ –
Photograph by Robert E. Peary, National Geographic


Like wild prehistoric animals, we humans too have been able to adapt to the harsh diversity of our climate.

Adaptation is key for humans to evolve and survive.

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