Meltdown at Fukushima Nuclear Plant



Japan announces toxic danger as severity level raises from one to three at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.


The severity level has increased due to a major toxic leak, where radioactive water breached a steel storage tank & went in to the ground making this situation environmentally harmful.



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LOCAL HERO: The First School in the UAE to Achieve Renewable Energy



Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Bangledish Islamiya Private School in Abu Dhabi, is the first educational institution in the UAE to follow the path of sustainability by installing solar panels and by meeting energy needs.
The prestigious Zayed Future Energy Prize was awarded to the school. The award was given by MASDAR with an additional prize of $100,000 [367,000 AED].
1. All lights and fans in the school are now powered by 48 solar panels.
2. 700 tube lights and bulbs were replaced by LED lights.
3. 3 bins have been placed in every classroom to encourage students and others to recycle
4. Plastic bottles are not allowed on campus
The solar panels are installed by Mulk Renewable Energy.  They can produce 60KwH daily and can meet 30% of the schools needs. Mr. Anisul Hasan, principle of the school, stated that this is just the first phase.
Dr. Anita Saul and Rekha Tushar are teachers in charge of transforming the school in to a green zone. A futuristic mission has been initiated where the school plans to install solar batteries for the storage of solar energy. They also intend on installing Arabian style wind towers for passive cooling.
Principal Hasan concluded saying, “We want to encourage our children to protect and preserve our environment. It is a culture they should imbibe and spread to the rest of the world as envisioned by our visionary leader Shaikh Zayed.”
Being the first institution in the UAE to follow-up their mission by going green with sustainable energy, creates a clear path behind them for other educational institution to follow with majority of the students wanting to take up sustainability and energy as their future course of study.


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2 Solar Plants. Clean Energy Emerging in Morocco.


A visual of Morocco’s vision


Morocco is set to launch 2 solar plants near the southern city of Ouarzazate. One will produce 200MW and the other 100MW.

Morocco’s solar agency working alongside its authorities has decided to move on with constructing a parabolic mirror technology for the 200MW concentrated solar plant, whilst the 100MW tower will be built as a solar power tower. Morocco’s power production is spent on heavily with intentions of it being subsidized. Due to its consumption of power growing at around 7 percent per year it imports power from Spain to meet its needs. Banking sources say financial funds will be put towards the solar plant project thanks to the World Banks’ Clean Technology Fund, The European Investment Bank and the German state-owned KfW Bank. Japan has also generously donated 7.4 million dollars in order for this project to commence.



“The capacity…will depend on the contractors, who could bid for more than the announced capacity, especially with the 100MW tower which could reach 200m, the highest tower ever seen in Morocco.


Saudi Arabia’s Acwa Power is currently building a 160MW plant in Ouarzazate with intentions of producing 2GW of solar power by 2020.This is equivalent to about 38% of Morocco’s current installed generation capacity.

A 10 solar photovoltaic plant will be built around the country by state power utility ONEE, in order to generate 30MW with hopes of stabilizing electricity networks due to an increase of demand. A 318MW coal-fired plant will be built in Morocco by a Chinese firm, Sepco III. They seek to vary production and export energy to Europe, where the needs of energy is at a high demand.


With new solar plants emerging in Morocco many benefits will arise, such as the availability of labor. Not only is Morocco seen for its tourism and trade of goods, but it now has a new face and will be considered as an environmental hub, where clean and sustainable energy will be appreciated, inspiring other African nations to take action. 




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